What is GVeX?
Global Voices Exchange (GVeX) is a project aimed at developing training and mentoring frameworks for the practice of advocacy, both online and offline, in the global south. 
GVeX will research and map methodologies and factors of influence, in order to develop a set of principles for engagement and advocacy in different communities of the global south. These principles will be used to create durable and relevant training and mentoring resources that can be tailored to the needs of global south communities. 
How will GVeX be carried out?
Phase One:
Starting in October 2015, a core group of 12 women’s rights advocates from 12 different countries in the global south will work together over a period of nine months to define goals, map methodologies and principles, and decide on measures of influence. We shall work in close collaboration with our partners Aspiration Tech and Engagement Lab
The core participants will share their experiences, reflect on their paths, challenges, successes and lessons learned. They will also engage with others working on similar topics (e.g. the Global Voices extended community and other activists and advocates) by: 
  • Publishing blog posts on the GVeX website documenting project activities and outcomes 
  • Driving online conversation on social media 
  • Producing podcasts offering a closer look at the experiences of the core participants 
Phase Two:
GVeX's second phase will consist of conducting advocacy trainings and mentoring for leaders in the global south, using the training frameworks developed in Phase One. The trainings will be conducted by activists and trainers and target local residents, digital and offline advocates and human rights defenders.  Trainings will focus on digital media literacy, media creation, online communities, metrics and measurement of impact, security (digital and physical) and best practices for legal environments in target countries. 
How can I get involved?
If you’re interested in GVeX, make sure to follow our activities on this web site and engage with us on social media. You can also participate by contributing case studies to the database we are building to map and highlight global south advocacy work. To contribute a case study, please fill out this form
If you have any other questions or suggestions about GVeX, please contact project leader Abir Ghattas.