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  • We are working on creating a database of online and offline advocacy campaigns that took place in global south countries. This form is a first step towards documenting and analyzing these campaigns. Campaigns can be about but not limited to: Internet freedoms, human rights, online/offline violence, freedom of speech, public health, economic development, gender equality … Thank you for your contribution!
  • What was this campaign about? What were the campaign goals?
  • Who were the communities targeted (youth, women, politicians, etc…)?
  • Please list all the tools used during this campaign (ex: channels used, media used, communities involved)
  • Online 
    Please list the online activities that happened during this campaign (petitions, blogging/tweeting day, etc…)
  • Offline 
    Please list the offline activities that happened during this campaign (Workshops, meetings, sit-in, talks, flashmob…)
  • Please let us know what were the outcomes of this campaign, provide as much details as you can.
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