Day 2: Getting down with it

It is already August 25th, our second workshop and we started off strong. In this meeting each participant created their own blog with a few simple instructions.

Every participant had to open a gmail-blogger account. During this process they learned to copy and paste hiperlinks and upload pictures on each blog.

We hoped to have a video as a record of the activity, but we had some technical issues with audio quality, so we weren´t able to have this material and publish it. Nevertheless, we do have pictures that you may want to see on our flickr account, the link is farther down this post. For the next workshop we hope to have an audio recorder which will make it easiera to record sessions. So we hope to have a nice video to share with you next time around!

On Saturday September 1st we will meet once again. The time will be used for participants to continue configuring their blogs and walk around and record Santo Domingo with pictures, thus having more visual material to share.

The list of the blogs participants created is here:

We hope to get plenty of visitors, we will be on the lookout for what each participant publishes and we hope to get them started on the dynamics of commenting and answering comments.

You can see some pictures taken on the group´s flickr gallery.

neblina Santo Domingo salón biblioteca Auditorio Biblioteca España Señor Ca?do

Metrocable y niebla biblioteca entre las nubes metrocable en la bruma metrocable en la bruma

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