KSNG media Training

In 2012 we will hold the media training for two times. For the first Basic Journalist Training course will start on the 23rd of April to 18th of March 2012.

We here at the KSNG media team will encourage the young people in camps by holding bases journalist training and workshops to improve their skills to be able update local current news to  better in the future. This training, we will choose the students from different area and we will hold this training in Thai-Burma border at Mae Sot . They can exchange and share their opinions with different situation from other refugee camps as well as taking place in the discussions and sharing their knowledge. During the training we will target completely writing news, produces audio program skills and present other useful skills. and than, We will use them as advocacy tools for the community awareness outreach and our own organization in further development.

How we will chose the student

The students will be represented by a KSNG member in a refugee camp from a different camp by someone who doesn't plan to resettle to (third country) and can work full time in our organization in Thai-Burma border and four people of  KSNG media team in Mae Sot are going to attend this training as well.

Name of Student Network Group  Refugee Camp Name Location NO. of student
Wahka and  Hteesetmaeywa  Umpiem Mai camp Southern (Mae Sot) 2
Maela and  Sho Klo Maela camp Northern (Mae Sot) 2
K'sor Wah Lay Maeramoe camp Northern (Mae Sot) 1
MaeKongka MaeKongKa camp Northern (Mae Sot) 1
Hteekawkee Noepo Camp Southern (Mae Sot) 1


Thai-Burma border Camp location

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