Day 13: Fashion


26 May 2008

6-8 pm




1. Hold a Discussion on:


– What do you understand by fashion?

– Is fashion innate or is it something in which we follow others?

– Is it to do only with models/film stars, or do you think every human being can have a sense of fashion?

– Community sense of fashion- bandwallah, coolie—this kind of fashion helps us understand who they are

– Rahul’s keeping long hair—was it anything to do with his life journeys at the moment? Eg. Playing in a band? Writing poetry?


  • Fashion as expressive of self, character
  • Fashion as it has evolved over the years eg In the movie Om shanti Om, the use of tight chooridars, men’s flared trousers, sideburns etc to evoke a bygone age.


2. List the different kinds of people in bowbazaar—

Gold sellers

Sex workers



Medical persons (doctor, nurse, ayah)

College goers


Rickshaw wallahs

Street food sellers

Office goers



From the above, choose 3 categories—


– What are their stereotypical images?

– What are they in reality?


Research people whose dress sense you find is very much expressive of their selves, be it raditional or modern, but very distinctive/eye catching. It may be staid or very whacky or very aesthetically pleasing.



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