Proposals Greece

Finalist – Greece: Citizen Journalism Against Ore Mining in Halkidiki

  April 2, 2013

Radiobubble/Hackademy will train 25 residents of northern Greece on the development of citizen media. This will enable the protest movement against ore mining in Halkidiki to bypass the media blackout on issues faced by locals and to challenge the image of this struggle in corporate media, in order to inform the rest of the country of the political and financial scandal, slow-motion environmental disaster and excessive police brutality that have come to rule people's lives. The 4-day workshop will be organised around a planned rally in order to include real-life coverage of a protest event.

Greece: Citizen Journalism Against Ore Mining in Halkidiki

  March 2, 2013

Radiobubble/Hackademy will provide training on citizen media in north-east Halkidiki, an area of northern Greece at risk of wholesale environmental and social destruction due to ore mining activities developed by Hellas Gold. Its purpose is to enable local residents to share reliable information with the wider public in Greece and abroad through means that enable them to bypass the mainstream media blackout on the issues they are facing.