Proposals Spain

Spain: Peoplewitness

  March 2, 2013

Peoplewitness is a network of livestreamers born in November 2011. We help spread the voice of communities strongly hit by austerity measures, while traditional media only offers an official version of the crisis. Peoplewitness helps cover the citizens’ need to report their reality. We do a series of workshops to provide the knowledge, technology, motivation, support and selfconfidence people need to report their own reality through streaming.

Spain: Options: Bank of Resources for Transformative Consumption

  March 1, 2013

The online Bank of Resources wants to be a virtual space providing practical tools and a platform for exchange and empowerment on conscious consumption. Its main element will be a collaborative map of transformative initiatives around Spain. It will be developed with citizens previously trained and further improved by the online community. By visualizing the existing options and providing resources we aim to inspire and encourage change.

Spain: Arakélame en Caló

  February 22, 2013

This projetc is about “caló”, which is a lenguage that gypsy people speak. We want to make this community use new technologies to learn about their culture through its languaje and make it konwn to the people.