· March, 2014

Proposals Mobile Phones from March, 2014

Zimbabwe: Amplifying Marginalised Farm Communities Voices

  March 18, 2014

The project seeks to train on the use new media (Whatsapp and Facebook) to raise the voices of the Zimbabwean farm communities who have been largely marginalised after the country's government embarked on a land reform exercise so that their plight and views get to policy makers. We will use a mainstream media web platform to stir debate and discussion around rights to communal land and labour rights among other issues. Community based information groups (CBIG) are in existence and what they need most now is capacity building through intensive training.

Uganda: Common Community – Radio Soap

  March 15, 2014

Community Community Radio Soap is three months Radio Drama campaigned on citizen participation in decision making in the areas of election, community development and economical activities. The story in this production focus of election and how best the election can meet the needs of the citizens, local community. The programme will be implemented through development and production of a weekly radio drama which will be aired on a local-community radio and listeners will participate through phone calls and text messages. The production team will conduct continuous research and field Interaction.

Sierra Leone: Thirty Thousand Poorest Tambakhans

  March 13, 2014

Media trainers and environmental journalists will kickstart a production center in Tambakha Chiefdom which is host to the Outamba Kilimi National Park of Sierra Leone. More than thirty thousand people reside beside this park but the park does little business due to the bad road network of 71 kilometers & lack of electricity. The project will enable the 30,000 in the various sections of the chiefdom to advocate needs in the local language Susu and enable French and English voice overs. HDV&MP3 recordings will be injected to internet via FRAMEWEB.org, facebook, bluetooth/USB intranet-village.