When Women of Minya blogging on #Jan25

Orzqyat El Sa'aieed's team carried out the second workshop for the same group of girls from Banat El Reef Association in El Dawadiya Village for 3 days from 5_7 May 2011, another laptop, and internet connection flashes were provided.

The ladies were trained on how to launch their own blog, sign in, posting on it and uploading pictures for their posts,  and  here some  of  the training pictures

Training Dawadia ladies on blogging


Also they  took some instructions on how to transfer  the pictures and videos  from the camera to the lab top,  and  how  to  create  folders and  transfer or copy  their  data, how to create  word document .

And  the  surprise was the pictures that girls took  it  through the period  between the first  and   the  second  workshop ,  some  girls and some of their  friends took it , they are fabulous  , you  can  see them here

As usual  the girls issued very strong  topics and express very  truly feelings, they wrote about  gas  prices after  the  revolution in this posts,  another  one by Heba  addressing  the lack of healthcare  system  the post title  is  The Deteriorating Health Care

All of the girls  were taking by  the revolution and they  start  ask about it and  chose to write about  it that’s why we make a post  “trialed one”   titled “ girls and the revolution” some of them wrote  their  feelings about  the revolution.

During the trip, we made a short   round in the village and some women were interviewed with participating from Orzaqyat program trainees during the interviews by taking pictures, asking questions or writing posts and uploading them on the blog.

Here   some  of the  interviews , as  we  ask  Daweddya  women  about  the  role of  woman  after  the  revolution and how they see the political participation  of  women:



Try Women and watch what they can do


Samar and political talks


Orzyat's team produced two manual. The first one is about photography and how to use the camera. The second is about blogging, how to create the blog and how to publish posts through it, here the link for the blogining manual

Please Note:this report was written by Dina Elmagrabi a member of the project's team in New Women foundation
blog posts translated:by Ereany Zarif - a volunteer in New Women Foundation