Group One is here !

Nazra team is implementing phase one of the training, the training took place from 5 to 8 August 2010. The hot weather and upcoming Ramadan heated the perpetration of phase 1; we were doing our best to hold the first group of training before the holy month of Muslims.

The training was divided into three categories in the three squeezed days, day 1 was conducted by Bassam Mortda, and he offered the trainees insights about the citizen media, video blogging and how to create a visual post.

Day 2 the heated day, the theoretical day which was conducted by Mozn Hassan and Doaa Abdelaal, the trainers opened a disscusion about the sexuality theory and its manifestations in the Egyptian society. Nazra team was insisting on securing a safe place for the trainees to question the taboos and to lead a participatory non hierarchical debate where the trainees feel encouraged to suggest initiatives and discuss whatever they like freely.

Frankly, I was really excited that day that I found many noteworthy statements and arguments have been raised, so I tweeted live in this day.

And the last day was gain technical and was conducted by Ramy Raoof about social media and digital security

This a brief for the training of group 1, stay tuned to know more about the follow up pahse

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