New workshops in UB, Choibalsan, and Taipei


Hi, some new updates about Nomad Green here:

1. On 9/5, Nomad Green will have another workshop in Ulaanbaatar, and the topic is 「Green Urban Design」. A speaker who is an expert of this field will give workshop participants a 40 minutes talk and then we will visit a green construction site maintained by Mongolian Green Coalition, an environmental NGO that is trying to change the poor living condition of more than 60% of city population who live in yurt district. Until now we know 17 people are going to take part in this workshop in an Internet cafe (site detail to be confirmed).

2. On 9/8, one more workshop will be hosted in Choibaisan, the far eastern city in Mongolia. The topic is 「Agriculture」 since eastern aimags(province) of Mongolia are agriculture-based. We are still recruiting and our best expectation is to have 10 participants. Even though, that would be Nomad Green's one very important step because we finally step out of the capital.

The above two workshops will be hosted by Otgoo and Odnoo, Nomad Green's two magnificent editors since I am not going to Mongolia myself this time(budget is tight). As for me…

3. On 9/7, I will hold another workshop in Taipei with 15 Mongolian students who studies in Taiwan right now. Nomad Green is in need of more translators’ contribution. I hope I can motivate some of them to give NG a hand.

At the same time, Nomad Green is also organizing Taiwanese people/NGOs to visit Mongolia to strengthen the intercourse. Last time in late July a group of architects and urban planners had visit Mongolia and now a group of vegetarians are heading to Mongolia to promote vegetarian food. I myself am wondering how will they persuade Mongolian people who consume almost merely meat all their life to have some 「grass」 in their dish, but since we all know too much meat consumption is also one of the major factors causing global warming and climate change, it might be a good idea to try vegetarian twice a week for Mongolians. What do you think?

That is for now. More updates later after the workshops.

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