Progress Report

Hello to all

Just wanted to share with all of you, a progress report for the last one month of the events that we have been undertaking as REPACTED.

After the visit by the MTV, staying alive foundation representatives Sarah and Georgia and sharing a lot of information about the foundation, the award and the organization (REPACTED). The organization held a two days strategic planning meeting that was attended by all the members. Through group works the members come up with ideas, methodologies, and strategies of reaching young people during the project period in the project area.

They also come up with a work plan for the first quarter, beginning July to September 2007, some of the proposed activities were as follows; 13 Magnet Theatre Outreaches and 6 mobile VCT per month in four community sites ( Lumumba, Manyani, Hilton, and Free area), three major youth events targeting youth in learning institution, and open forums, one visit per month at the Nakuru GK Prisons.

The organization held 13 Magnet Theater outreaches in the month of July. During the 13 MT outreaches, the organization reached 5400(2500 youths in prison both male and female) youths, and 56 youths between the ages of 15-24 took the HIV test and 19 people between the ages of 25-49 also took the HIV test and the results were as follows, one person turned positive, the organization also managed to distribute a total of 1933 Condoms and several IEC materials on the thematic area and concerns of the project were given out, posters, comic books, brochures, and pamphlets.

Main activity related to AA is a Peace Tiles event that we carried out with youths who are artists at the Nakuru player’s theatre for a whole day. 45 tiles were created on the day.

Although the organization developed some IEC materials in the strategic planning meeting, there is still a great need of adopting IEC materials from other like minded organization so that we can give out variety

Young people need condoms and they kept asking for condoms during the outreaches the
Organization gave out condoms though not enough and currently we are out of stock.

One of the biggest challenges is that the organization has attracted a great number of young people who want to join the organization; this is a good challenge since the young people are from the community.

Another challenge is that we have to fit into the VCT councilor’s programme since we network with the organization that offers the service and they have their own programmes.

Way forward
The organization has set up a task force of three people to mobilize thematic IEC materials and condoms from any reliable sources through the spirit of networking

The organization is forced by circumstances to increase the number of the members and find how to accommodate them in the activities by increasing the number of the Magnet Theatre community mobilizers from 10 to 15 in order to maintain and sustain positive behavior from the new members.

The organization will hold a joint planning meeting with the VCT services providers in order to avoid inconveniences. The organization is also planning to have three of its members trained on VCT services provision and counseling.

Mostly the activities carried out are supported by staying alive foundation, apart from the PT session which was supported by the artists themselves.

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