Moving On

For long REPACTED has been working with the youths in the community, passing messages of behaviour change and encouraging them in doing so by having them join the organization and also moving forwad with life we are entring a new chapter as an organization where we would like you to support as we want to ensure that the sam young people improve there livelyhoods by encouraging them to be able to generate income on there won whil we support them one of them is Eric Wanyama who has always aspired to be a script and film director he has managed to write his own script and will be soon shooting the film he has fundaraised some capital but needs more support i encourage you to visit his blog and encurage him on the blogroll of this email he is there also. The last time he posted was 7th of April but i have encouraged him to post and hoping he will be posting more frequently as we have given him priority this week to use the office internet. Support a young kenyan to grow.
Also REPACTED is looking for a wllwisher to help clear $250 internet bill for the remeinder of the year as we are stretched at the moment.