Learning african languages online

To teach African languages must not be limited today only in the classrooms, in alphabetization centers and under Sheds. They must drill walls, cross boarders to  be accessible to everybody all over the world. This is the africantongues project’s main objective to give opportunity and chance to everyone to learn African languages in writing and audios without a great need of the teacher’s physical presence to be competent and performed in writing and reading  languages that can also play their roles in the multilingualism, culture and experience sharing and the globalization.

It is only necessary to speak English and\or French, so, you are able to learn online, in writing and by audio, some African languages on the platform of africantongues.

You can find words, phrases and sentences in these languages, also translated in English and/or French.  To listen the pronunciation by audio, you have to click on play only. So, you will not only know how to write, but also how to pronounce the words, phrases and sentences in African languages.

Interested in learning some african languages, click on this link ce lien or follow @fasokan to learn bambara language, the most spoken language in Mali, Josephine Lukom to learn Luganda language and @kafic to learn Twi language, a Ghanaian language. The project always in building, will give real satisfaction to all who are interested to learn our languages.

The platform concerns also, all who can read and write their mother tongue and/or other African languages and like to promote and develop them online. If you are in this group, please, join us on africantongues to permit to your languages to be learnt outside boarders.

For that, follow @africantongues, @socialistr @kofic, @fasokan, for details.

The participants use sms, word and twitter

Together with all the learners, we find a simple and fast manner to send information from villages through sms. The learners also learnt how to write posts on word for those who have access to Internet connection in their services or cybercafés. To send informations en pictures through Internet, we create count mails for all the participants so that since Ségou and surrounding villages, some can use sms and some can use Internet.

As twitter is very important in share instant informations, in getting contact with people all over the world, we create twitter account for some participants. You can follow them here: @fasokan, @alassanD, @ycoulibaly, @hamidoud111, @dembloumar, @diarraseydou, @Dtraore, @kassoumD

As we work on Internet connection key USB, we have been obliged to divide participants in for group of work around for computers with for key USB connection. Each group is leaded by a participant who has got a better level than the others.

I would like you to follow us and participate to our events through these counts.

Internet and sms formation in Dioro village

Today, the 18th of June, the Ségou villages connection project members in a very old mammywagon went toward Dioro by a very bumpy road. We were 6 persons from Ségou, Cinzana  and Zambougou with our luggage because we will take much time there: about 8 days.

Dioro is a rural village far of 70 km from the town of Ségou. We arrived in Dioro at about 9. After getting contact with some villagers who conducted us to see the local authorities, we begin things in a cybercafé we found in that village and on Internet mobile we carried with us: a panel solar, a battery, two computers, four Internet connection keys USB and some digital camera devices.

After explaining the aims of segou villages connection through Ségouinfos, more people appreciated the initiative and took part to the formation. Some learners laready knew a little how to use computer but, didn’t know how to use internet for their needs.

Today’s formation has been to teach people how to write posts, how to take picture and videos and how to publish posts on blogs. You will find all these post written by leaners on Segouinfos tomorrow.

We also create a count mail for every learners and teach them how to do that.

Some other people joined us this afternoon to ask if they can participate to that formation they find very interesting. According to them, they like working on Internet but, they don’t know how and that will be an occasion for them to discover Internet a lot and share infos with other through sms.

We are very happy for having chosen that village because we have been very welcome by people.