Week Six: The Session

Date: December 31, 2007
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Venue: Bow Bazaar Highschool

Session Six: Livelihoods and Industries in your Para

Share the Home Assignment from Previous Session.

In a circle, pass out session 3’s home assignments in the form of printed articles.
Have each pair of journalists read their piece on the para personality assigned to them. Share and discuss.

Today’s Assignment: Livelihoods/Industries in your Para

Facilitator’s Introduction to debate activity: In our para we see people making a living in different ways. Let’s brainstorm the various kinds of jobs/professions/livelihoods in our para.

  1. Write each different livelihood on a chit.
  2. Create a pool of these chits from which each participant selects one.
  3. Keep two spaces on the floor, one marked with a (1) “respect worthy” sign, the other with a (2) “not respect worthy” sign.
  4. Ask each participant to think whether the livelihood on his chit is deserving of respect or not and to place it under the chosen category.
  5. Now choose a chit one by one, ask whose chit it is, ask the participant why it is either (1) or (2), and throw it open for a debate with the group.

In the last session, while describing Tulsi Masi earning a living through selling “chullu”, several opinions had come up, voicing that it was not a very respect worthy thing to do. This exercise will allow for an examination of the attitudes of the para journalists towards different kinds of professions in their para.

Take Home Journalist Assignment: Investigating Para Industries

  1. Ask each of them what profession in the para they would like to investigate.
  2. Ask them to include photos in their article.


  • Have your research focus on 1 person engaged in your selected livelihood.
  • A typical day of work.
  • How, where, when, why did you start out
  • What do you like, What do you dislike about work
  • Ask other people in the para what they think of the profession
  • Think about how this profession is shaping the identity of Bowbazaar.
  • Check Out
    How was this session like? Good/bad/okay okay?
    How do you feel about participating in the coming sessions? 1 word

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