Diaries’ Workshops in Photographs

Here are some photographs of workshops, writing, and discussions from the first 8 weeks of Neighbourhood Diaries in Bow Bazaar. Each workshop takes place every Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm. We all gather in a classroom on the 3rd floor of the highschool. Rahul, the oldest participant, brings a colorful shataranchi, or cloth rug, for us to spread out in the room where we can sit, write, and converse.

We start off each sesion by sitting in a circle and sharing last weeks reading. Then we proceed on to the next assignment thorugh interactive activities, discussion, group games, individual and sometimes, outdoor writing. Catch a glimpse of our Monday evenings below


Group Conversations

Newspaper reading

Joystna Reads

7 thoughts on “Diaries’ Workshops in Photographs

  1. These photographs turned out wonderfully. Out of curiosity, who was it who took them?

    Coincidentally, here in Colombia we just had a workshop on Flickr last week. It would be great if Neighborhood Diaries created an account on Flickr to show off these (and future) photographs. That way they will also be featured on the front page of Rising Voices. 🙂

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  3. David!

    Actually, I took the photographs. I’ll be sure to update the post crediting myself.
    I think Flickr is a fabulous idea. We’ll be sure to open up an account and uploading photos.

    As always, thanks for your feedback!

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