Proposals Canada

Canada: The Voices Project

  February 28, 2013

Building on JHR’s successful model of empowering local voices through training journalists overseas, the project will engage a team of 30 at-risk youth in Toronto to develop journalism skills and produce citizen media on themes of barriers to development and empowerment, through training and a field reporting trip. Stories produced will provide a kind of ‘visual census’ of the issues at-risk youth face, engage stakeholders, and source solutions.

Canada: Technology is Cool – DIY Workshops for Girls

  February 9, 2013

The hands-on workshop provides a free workshop only for teenage girls so they can learn that technology is cool. The technology workshop will integrate fashion and DIY hardware ie. LED lighting, Andrino and other computer technologies. The attendees will learn first hand that technology is fun and has future job opportunities In addition the attendees will blog their experience on a WordPress site, Facebook page and a Youtube Channel