Proposals in Indonesia

February 18, 2013

Indonesia: Promoting Women rights through citizen journalism

Women and girls in Aceh with fundamental inequalities were intended and unintended casualties of conflict. Most of them were involved and caught in armed conflicts and face sexual violence and exploitation, torture, forced recruitment, rape, mass rape and trafficking. In post conflict, they are often denied to access justice and a role in decision – making, including peace. They are voiceless. We want to rise the voices through this program.

February 7, 2013

Indonesia: Strengthening disabled young people in media techniques

This project is designed to strengthen disabled young people in media technique by giving them training about the use and access of online media. The majority of disabled persons is often discriminated in the whole aspect in social life beside in getting education and training, so they don’t get access of information and ability to support their living. This training will be able to express about their life and their rights in social life.