· February, 2013

Proposals in Indonesia from February, 2013

Indonesia: Citizen Journalism Training for Rumah Bakau Community

The main activities of this project is to teach the use of social media (blogs, twitter, facebook) to volunteers and youth at coastal mangroves Percut, Deli Serdang – North Sumatra. This activity will generate an information media that is managed and developed by the participants, who became their liaison with the outside society. Besides being able to use social media, the participants will also be taught how to present the good and appropriate

Indonesia: Alternative Education for Children of Fishermen

We have a value on which we hold on to and which has driven us this far. We believe that natural resources preservation can only be realizable when social awareness has been built. However, it is inevitable that this awareness can only works when social welfare is attained. Therefore, in our village which is predominated by fishermen and farmers, we have tried our maximum effort to provide free services to initiate and enhance knowledge.

Indonesia: Stand Up for Muslim Transgender

This project wants to train transgender people who join in Muslim transgender community to use digital media to gain awareness that you could be transgender and serve Allah (God). It enables them to create blogs and short documentary about how they practice Islam as a transgender and how they experience and tackle negative stereotypes from Muslim neighborhood. It is expected to leverage understanding that being LGBTQ is compatible with Islam

Indonesia: From Disable for Disable Project

This project has two main stages: 1) Providing people with disabilities to use citizen media and enabling them to conduct training to transfer this skill to their peers. 2) Delivering citizen media training from and for people with disability. It gives opportunity to those who were participating in the first stage to exercise their skills and produce an advocacy video to reach policy makers and those who will compete in the 2014 election.

Indonesia: Hotshot

Community village women have capability to being part of change especially after conflict and related electoral situation in Aceh today but they but less of knowledge about technology, sometimes some local media coverage often proclaim the unbalanced and disproportionate which discriminate women, so it requires a community of journalists who can use audio visual technology correctly, distribute news to wider society in order to tell the real news

Indonesia: Promoting Women rights through citizen journalism

Women and girls in Aceh with fundamental inequalities were intended and unintended casualties of conflict. Most of them were involved and caught in armed conflicts and face sexual violence and exploitation, torture, forced recruitment, rape, mass rape and trafficking. In post conflict, they are often denied to access justice and a role in decision – making, including peace. They are voiceless. We want to rise the voices through this program.

Indonesia: Strengthening disabled young people in media techniques

This project is designed to strengthen disabled young people in media technique by giving them training about the use and access of online media. The majority of disabled persons is often discriminated in the whole aspect in social life beside in getting education and training, so they don’t get access of information and ability to support their living. This training will be able to express about their life and their rights in social life.