· March, 2013

Proposals in Indonesia from March, 2013

Finalist – Indonesia: From Disable for Disable Project

The project has two main stages: 1) Providing citizen media training to disable persons and enabling them ability to conduct training to transfer skills they gained to their peers. This will use ToT method and participants are expected to be able use handy came, do simple video and sound editing, and choose message to be delivered in the participatory-advocacy video. 2) Delivering citizen media training by and for disable persons. It gives opportunity to first-stage-participants to exercise their skills and produce an advocacy video with their groups targeted to policy makers.

Indonesia: Minority Voice

The program is motivated by the lack of existence of alternative views that come from a minority in Aceh on the implementation of Islamic law in Aceh. Verbal form of misdirection and apostasy becoming more frequent by the public and the institutions of religion and government. This program tries to give more space to the parties that this knocked to talk more openly about ideas and values ​​that are believed them.

Indonesia: Popular Media to Increase Community Resilience Awareness

Implementing information tunnels about permaculture and disaster risk management in Banggai, Sulawesi through folk art performances, media training, community radio where we use solar panels energy and in which we make examples of community issues, permaculture and disaster preparedness. Through such programs we improve the interest in sustainability, because people are attracted by the combination of information and entertainment.

Indonesia: Empowering Village People Through Blogging

Kampung Jagad (Global Village) blog is citizen journalism media. There are more than 30 village blogs under (subdomain) of kampungjagad.org, and more than 100 registered user/accounts. Villagers used it to sound of their voices and interests. They also use it as an alternatif media to support sustainable development. This project is designed to train village people in managing blog and how to make its contents -news, images and videos.

Indonesia: Making LGBT Voice Heard

This project is part of Our Voice (OV) program on promoting LGBT rights in Indonesia through online media. Using rights-based approach, the project will train 30 groups LGBT in Jakarta on journalism. Participants will write about their struggles, thoughts, hopes & dreams, and then we publish them on our website, internet and social network. It is expected that their stories will be used to fight the stigma against LGBT in mainstream media.