Proposals Israel

Israel: New Media for Rising Activists

  March 1, 2013

A training program for a young activist group (ages 18-25). To continue their activism for universal human rights, just peace, and an end to occupation, skills in new media, photography and video will be cultivated and applied to document human rights violations. The stories will be communicated via a shared blog to raise awareness. The group will then conduct localized training for the next generation of youth activists, multiplying the impact.

Israel: Project Harmony: Collaboration Through Service (CTS)

  March 1, 2013

CTS is a program for Arab and Jewish teens from Jerusalem to see a self-directed service-learning project from concept to completion. After a series of skill-building workshops teens will identify an issue in their community, design a service project and implement it collaboratively. Integral to CTS is a focus on generating shareable documentation (through multimedia citizen-mapping) in order to encourage dynamic sustainability of impact.

Israel: Empowering young social activists

  February 18, 2013

While implementing independent TV journalism, ISTV is willing to open and share its facilities, staff and experience in the favor of peripheral grassroots organizations, representing marginalized groups in the Arab-Israeli society; to teach and train chosen young representatives in the usage of old and new media tools to create authentic video contents and disseminate them through existing social network, in a series of 6 workshops.