Proposals Morocco

Morocco: Bridges (Change, Devolpment, Improvement)

  March 4, 2013

Our project is an initiative in Tiflet city in Morocco that works on teaching youth how to express them self in a positive way by giving them a lessons on how to do a podcast and also we train them on how they can use social networks for an educative purpose,and we think blogging is an effective way to let them express their ideas about different topics and we hope they will be able to help other youth that we couldn't reach the

Morocco: Fors@Challenge – Giving Voice to Young Social Entrepreneurs

  March 2, 2013

Fors@Challenge is the 1st competitive online reality show for social entrepreneurs in the MENA region engaging & mobilizing thousands of youth from the online community towards action. Fors@ will select 12 youth with innovative ideas tackling their communities problems. The show will be broadcasted online allowing viewers, via web presence and social media campaign, to interact and engage with the Fors@Challengers via voting, commenting & sharing

Morocco: Theatre and Music, a Voice for Freedom

  February 25, 2013

due to a lack of understanding of cultural differences and lack of opportunities for intercultural encounters, exchange and collaboration. 15,000 sub-Saharan migrants living in Morocco today,suffer of discrimination that's why we believe that things can change if the Morocan can see them differently if only we can have the possibility to informe them and to bring them to undertstand knowlege and reconaissance of the other is a source of grouth

Morocco: Civic Journalism Promotion

  February 24, 2013

A Media project that seeks to increase Social and political awareness about the importance of giving the opportunity to Marginalized people to be integrated in society and put them in the system of change to be a model of Change Makers for others by inviting them and leting them be decision makers throught video telling and producing short Documentaries of their experiences on internet.