Proposals Egypt

Egypt: Preparing and Rehabilitating Media Cadres

  March 2, 2013

Egypt is passing by a period where attack targeting media professionals that appears clearly to erase what their cameras filmed of crimes that the offender try to hide. For example, assassination of the journalist Husseini Abu-Deif and stealing his camera. Also killing a number of internet pages’ administrators as a result to the observe that new media has great impact in mobilizing public opinion and lobbying .

Egypt: Arab Foundation for New Media

  March 2, 2013

The initiative aims to support and consolidate the new media in the Arab world through the Arab youth training on how to best use social media to support various issues. The initiative also seeks through its social platform website that allows them to post news, reports, and multi-media. The initiative also aims to build a large network of new media covering all over the Arab world for the exchange of experiences and benefits .

Egypt: Films Against All Odds

  March 1, 2013

In the past few months, the degree of violence in Egypt has increased. There have been lots of cases of abduction, rape, torture and murder. Poorer neighborhoods are most subject to violence & least covered in media. A series of workshops by Filmmakers with help of activists can give a specific group the chance to self monitor human rights violations by equipping them to create Video & Audio projects to tell their stories and share it.

Egypt: Network with Visual Disabilities

  February 20, 2013

Persons with disabilities suffer from discrimination, marginalization and lack of attention to their particular visual disabilities are denied the right to learn modern technology (Computer) under ignored by state institutions, especially educational them there are a lot of people with visual disabilities have ignorance using the computer and the use of modern technologies (software speaking)

Egypt: Healthy Right Starts from my Voice Family Breadwinner

  February 16, 2013

The project aims to connect the voices of single women ( breadwinners) in 4 Governorates to get their rights in health care system just based on the law of health care for women breadwinners 23 /2012 through the training of women groups (leaders) in rural community on how to publish opinions and problems facing women heads fortieth rights in accordance with this law and discuss this through the tools and mechanics of Social Network

Egypt: Blogging with Me to Support Local Industries

  February 14, 2013

The project is a series of workshops held throughout the year in the provinces of Egypt to teach a group of young 15 years of age blogging and principles of journalism and arts as well as the principles of marketing in order to grow up blogs and become local online magazine to express owners industries and to support local industries within each province. The project also targeted to turn these blogs after a period of work to paper newspapers.