· April, 2014

Proposals Indigenous Communities from April, 2014

Guatemala: Young and Corporate Vision

  April 4, 2014

Project Description: Create sustainable sources of employment in time for young entrepreneurs who are loacted in poverty. Consolidate as two successful young entrepreneurs to microentrepreneurs. One of the major problems faced by thousands of young people in Guatemala is the lack of work and oprtunidades, especially in the most humble walks of being relegated but have great ability, skill and values ​​to work successfully in a desenvolverce. That's why this project is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs from different cities of the country for which I play to work and I got to meet wond

Cambodia: Indigenous Voice Through Video and Internet

  April 2, 2014

The project will support video and audio production by indigenous peoples in remote northeastern Cambodia. This is so they can document their issues across language barrier (by using dubbing and sub-titling) and upload the video on blogs and websites to reach both national and international audiences. This possible now because a small number of indigenous people have learnt video and audio production, a community advisory group formed, and an indigenous peoples’ media support NGO is being created.