Proposals Guatemala

Guatemala: Life and Territory

  April 15, 2014

The goal is to bring the reality of other peoples to Guatemala, find, know, recognize and feel-as Latin American brothers-as with identities, but also various objectives and common struggles. We want to bring the sample in communities and schools and conduct a Community Media Training Workshop with young Mayan boys and girls.

Guatemala: Kemok – Weaving Indigenous Communities and Networks

  April 14, 2014

The initiative aims to boost a online platform to democratize the right to freedom of expression of indigenous peoples in Guatemala, making use of the Castilian language, Xinka, Garifuna and the 22 Mayan languages. The project will provide training opportunities, using the methodology for trainers in the use of digital tools to provide feedback on the virtual platform with the idea of constantly updating the content. After receiving the training, beneficiaries using the same methodology for trainers, they replicate the the knowledge acquired in their respective communities.

Guatemala: Tz'utujil Tziij Pa Nimk'atz

  April 7, 2014

This is a proposal that brings us to promote the use of tz'utujil Mayan language in social networks. The tz'utujil speakers do not write in Mayan language in social networks. If they do send messages in Spanish. We hope that by the end of it increase the number of people communicating in their native language writing and social networking. An awareness campaign on the network will be developed and sensitization workshops were moved to the use and strengthening of the language in the media. Especially work with promoters tz'utujil language and youth leaders of each community. Traslate of google

Guatemala: Young and Corporate Vision

  April 4, 2014

Project Description: Create sustainable sources of employment in time for young entrepreneurs who are loacted in poverty. Consolidate as two successful young entrepreneurs to microentrepreneurs. One of the major problems faced by thousands of young people in Guatemala is the lack of work and oprtunidades, especially in the most humble walks of being relegated but have great ability, skill and values ​​to work successfully in a desenvolverce. That's why this project is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs from different cities of the country for which I play to work and I got to meet wond

Guatemala: Open Government and the Guatemalan Congress

  March 31, 2014

This project proposes to advocate the principles of open government as they apply to Congress throughout Guatemala, raising awareness of the important functions performed by this institution as well as the mechanisms by which citizens can engage their representatives. It will consist of a series of workshops tailored to both high school and university students from the countryside. We want to elicit young citizens to empower themselves, find ways to organize to participate in democracy in order to demand actions from their representatives and, above all, question the status quo.