· March, 2014

Proposals Youth Advocacy from March, 2014

Madagascar: Malagasy Youth 2015: Challenges & Dreams

  March 31, 2014

we aim at bringing Malagasy youth voice to the discussion around the Post 2015 agenda. Through our Youth Leadership and activism training we will indentify 24 Young people and we will train them in community mapping, story telling, photograhy, group discussion facilitation. After an intensive national training they will work in peer and go to rural area of Madagascar where Young people doesnt have access or doesnt even know Facebook or the internet to capture their lives, spend time to understand their challenges and share them online through photography

Burkina Faso: I Have Rights Too: Child Rights!

  March 29, 2014

This is radio campaign in order to promote the rights of the children. This program consists of creating stories in order to promote children’s rights, training radio hosts, and finally how to speak about child rights and abuses of those rights in the presence of children in a sensitive manner. The stories will be broadcasting through different radio stations. Topics will include school attendance (especially for girls), right to freedom of expression, against female genital mutilation. I hope to achieve awareness to the greater population of the plight of children to exercise their rights.

Kenya: The Unheard

  March 18, 2014

The aim is to train, facilitate, promote and create more awareness among the youth and the public on how to use social media, specifically YouTube, to air their views and also affect change in the local communities. This is by creating a youth online tv channel. Traditional media in Kenya is far too inadequate and not focused on issues affecting the youth, while leaders and policy makers are less concerned in involving the youth even on matters affecting the youth.

Sierra Leone: Thirty Thousand Poorest Tambakhans

  March 13, 2014

Media trainers and environmental journalists will kickstart a production center in Tambakha Chiefdom which is host to the Outamba Kilimi National Park of Sierra Leone. More than thirty thousand people reside beside this park but the park does little business due to the bad road network of 71 kilometers & lack of electricity. The project will enable the 30,000 in the various sections of the chiefdom to advocate needs in the local language Susu and enable French and English voice overs. HDV&MP3 recordings will be injected to internet via FRAMEWEB.org, facebook, bluetooth/USB intranet-village.