Lethargy that rules Serbia: Genius wants to cure the cancer

„Lethargy that rules Serbia over the past several years” (decades?) was the topic of performance of Absolute Genius in The School of Web Journalism. The students interpreted on their own ways invite to philosophic debate about “Dicks intellectualism and toothless authorities” of Absolute Genius.

Dragan Milošević wrote that Absolute Genius has provoked attendance starting up the discussion on topic “changing of society and acting in society in which we are living”. Provoke has followed from the very beginning, from the title. He brought out his opinion that education system in Serbia repose on the obsolete method and inviolable of the authority, which is, as he thinks, the part of residuals, probably paradigms in old “Russian” method of operation.
Goran Necin conceived that the lesson was interspersed with high intensity xenophobia, in some parts even comical.

Gordana Erić believes that the main points of the lesson are the facts that society got into crisis primarily because of the bad educational system, unbalanced society qualities, and certain character lineaments of our people, among the rest the one which for all mismatches blame everyone else.
“In this moment, quasi-intellectualism, the fear of false authorities but not a free will, are ruling our society. We live in virtual world, as a society we are on the bottom”, enclose the lesson Absolute Genius discomfiting roughly discussion.
However, the philosophic debate was finished in peaceful tone, with the conclusion that it is not that pesimistic and that the exit do exist.

Darko Nikolić point out that Absolute Genius has an interesting opinion about plague that pervade all pores of the society.
„As a community, we have let that in all things fall and touch the bottom. Now we are whistling at the bottom. Let us make it for once to indeed we all be all right, to cure this cancer which is hacking us now”, said Genius.
Katarina Jovanović said that Absolute Genius tried to explain with „selected” words that they should not only „stink and wait” anymore, but under lot URGENT to do something when it comes to their lives and surround.

Report made by Dragana Banković

Here are two films made after this discussion by Katarina Jovanovic and Miloš Kuks using photo, video and audio material.

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