The role of photography in web-journalism and organization of the site using netvibes

During the weekend, students had two lessons after what they did practical work. On the first day, on December 27th, Ljubisa Bojic held the class about the role of photography in web journalism. After that, the students have set up the photographs which they made on flickr making on their own sites – slideshows.

Here are the photographs of Bojan Cvetkovic.

With help of internet service, from photographs on flickr, it is possible to make graphic novels. Using that way, Dragan Milosevic made graphic novel with actual subject – Everybody wants the same thing – Happy New Year. “New year holidays and Santa Claus are the wishes of many people on this world. Let us be together the part of one world and many wishes. In hope that 2009. will bring beautiful days, hush dream and lots of joy to all children on the world, this slideshow will be in support of that. On the next day, Ljubisa Bojic held the class about sociology and web media. Students learned from him that conversation is basic life philosophy of a successful web journalist. “Support information flow by responding to every message. Energy must find its way in and out. Do not be afraid to say no. Publish everything online so other people can use it. Try to help everyone. You cannot expect achieving your goals without team spirit and mutual assistance. Web journalists are obliged to care about the truth. They need to show multiple perspectives arguing on the important issues for the society. Nothing comes easy. It would be boring that way. Handle your hard times well”, said Mr. Bojic. After this class, students of the school started organizing the front page of their sites using netvibes entablature. Here is the link to site of Zikica Zivkovic: Report made by Dragana Bankovic

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  1. Photography, videos, podcasting…are very coourful ways to share ideas and report on news. A picture worth a million words even when the writing is excellent but a picture is also the best way to relay between cultures and people. The classes provided at the school are very very interesting, it woud be wonderful if we can get one course in Madagascar !!!

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