Maps and graphs “help” the story

What are the basics characteristics of Google Maps and how to create multimedia map and graph? This week, students of the School of Web-Journalism learned how to draw up their maps in order to illustrate web-story.

Using the graph as an illustration, Tijana Vlahović has written about Serbian response to gas crisis.

„Considering the fact that the use of unrestored sources of energy is limited, there will be changes in using natural planets sources. Because of good strategic position of our country, the plan for Southern cours is to go through Serbia. This can be seen by looking to key points of gas pipeline (map 1). By counting on using Serbian natural capacities of energy sources, with wise and ecological combining, the production and energy spending could be optimized. After that, we could lean on domestic sources.
Ukupna prerada nafte
Using the graph as an illustration Bojan Cvetković wrote that, according to NIS Petrol, rock-oil proccesing in early days has followed stable growing curve.

„Humans need energy everyday so it represents a growing price on a political table, inasmuch as in „measuring” in region as well as in a „poker” that big countries play with it. Real question is how it would be possible to achieve correct prognosis of domestic rock-oil consumption and rock-oil derivatives, in the conditions of using gas as an instrument of politic”.

Using the graph and map as an illustration Žikica Živković wrote that in expectation of economic crisis, Serbs use more and more their own cars.

„While women worry about leaving food for winter parallel with cleaning houses after New Year celebration distinguished with drink and lots of food, their husbands joyfuly drive to the gas stations. Considering the fact that fuel in Serbia has reached value of catastrophical 120 dinars, after what it rapidly went down to 70, many Serbians started to think about buying motor vehicles”.

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Using the graph and map as an illustration Gordana Erić wrote that Ukranian-Russian gas crisis, which is happening on every winter, this year is really serious.
„The President of European Commision Jose Manuel Baroso stated that he will suggest to European energy companies to prove legal action against Russian „Gasprom” and Ukranian „Naftogas”, unless they find the way to end crisis letting the gas to sprout to European customers. Serbia reproduces only eight per cent self-absorption of needs for gas. Therefore, our country must have in future the best relationship with Russia, the state with the biggest reserves of gas in the world.

Using the graph as an illustration Dragan Milošević looked back on a Facebook phenomenon.

„I thought it was a joke. Facebook is perhaps the most popular on global network. Many young people, from eight to eighteen years intensively use Facebook. For a long time, I was not devotee of all that but…the number of those people that joined me from the moment when I „OPENED MY ACCOUNT” started to grow rapidly.

Report made by Dragana Banković

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