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Exploring Taboos: When Women Are Blamed for Being Harassed

  3 November 2010

Sexual harassment is a very serious matter in Egypt, a country where 83% of its women have reported being the target of harassment. Another study found that 80% of men between the ages of 25-29 say that women bear the responsibility because of their lack of modesty in their dress. A blogger from the Exploring Taboos project has been writing about this phenomenon.

Minya: A Visit to the Bride of Upper Egypt

  20 August 2010

Rising Voices recently visited the village of Dawadeyya in the Minya governorate in Egypt, which is known as the "Bride of Upper Egypt." This is where the Women of Minya Day by Day project will be taking place coordinated by the New Woman Foundation, where they will work with young women who work in harsh conditions.

Egypt: Talking Openly About Sexuality

  1 July 2010

Even though a 2006 Google Trends report indicated that Egyptians were in the Top 2 countries in the world to look for the term "sex" on the search engine, that interest in the subject does not always carry over to openly discussing the subject in mainstream or citizen media.

Egypt: Who is and is not Producing Citizen Media?

  18 June 2010

Who is producing citizen media in Egypt? And who is not? This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the current state of citizen media in Egypt, as the three newest Rising Voices grantees in Egypt begin preparations for their work.