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13 September 2018

‘Bien Chabacano’ blog preserves and promotes Asia's only Spanish-based creole language

"Unless more aggressive preservation efforts will be implemented, the day will come when Chabacano will only be spoken inside the home."

1 August 2018

Localizer shares insights about the importance of translating open source software into Breton

"The Breton language is surviving because a lot of speakers worked hard to preserve it and, nowadays, it is important for us to translate software if we want our language...

26 June 2018

A pathway towards community access: From telecentres to community networks

“Thinking about the future, I believe that if we can articulate these networks in an appropriate way, then we can have a very large network controlled by the people.”

Community networks empower the unconnected to take an active role in defending their right to connectivity

Community networks face two major challenges: achieving community participation and commitment, and circumventing regulatory mechanisms necessary for their implementation.

Telecentres serve as spaces in which communities share new technologies

"The essential element in terms of telecentres is the community.."

3 June 2018

Community networks and local access monthly newsletter – number 6

The May 2018 newsletter is part of the project titled, “Local Access Networks: Can the unconnected connect themselves?” developed by APC in partnership with Internet Society and Rhizomática,

2 June 2018

“As an indigenous woman, I would like to see women leaders highlighted”

"As an indigenous woman, I would like to see women leaders highlighted (in the word cloud), the names of women leaders from our bases because I know they exist."

1 June 2018

“The understanding of territory as an unresolved issue is not depicted”

"The ‘Huilliche’ branch of the Mapuche Nation has more concepts that should appear here, particularly the ones related to the return of the territory that has been usurped.."

31 May 2018

“We have local knowledge that our grandparents taught us.”

"Each indigenous people has its stories, legends, founding myths, and processes for community and of struggle."

“My community is still stigmatized..”

"The only way that we can find more narratives and media presence of trans people is by showing the lives of each one."

“The survivors are not represented, as well as the indirect victims of feminicide”

"The media only sees us as sacks of flesh, as blood, and as victims of violence that offer no resistance to [feminicide]."

30 May 2018

“We are looking for equality, but we are also aiming for equity.”

"Especially at a local level, I would want the words “black feminism” to be present."

29 May 2018

“The youth are a majority. We are living in a new era, and it's our time.”

"I think words such as inclusion, youth contribution to society, the new political youth should be [represented in the media]."