Proposals Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Voice of Encouragement / Women’s Birth from Waves

  February 28, 2013

We are planning to develop a video documentary to share learning experiences about “how can get victory from disaster”. After the devastation of TSUNAMI, We observed that the displaced people were really helpless they need to be taken care of some one till they fully recovered. In order to restore and re start their businesses. We could help them through funding & make a habit to saving 50% from every funding for them.

Sri Lanka: Children Raising Voices Against Migration

  February 27, 2013

Organizing a children's group consisting of members from families where mothers have migrated or intending to migrate for employment. They will be trained and guided by experienced bloggers in raising their voice through blogs in creating awareness about the violation of their Rights and gravity of abuse they face when mothers migrate and objecting such migration. The group will be linked with our office and Government IT educational centres.

Sri Lanka: Voice of the Grassroots

  February 21, 2013

There are two community forums created by our organization to make a community group to access to resources, raise their voice and effective management of micro grants provided under our organization. Still they haven't have proper platform to get together to share knowledge and experiences continuously. Since this project is focusing on creating the e-space to share their experiences, problem resolving documentation of their work progress.

Sri Lanka: Plantation Citizen Media Project

  February 12, 2013

The vision: To bring the IT knowledge to the Plantation youth in the area. Mission: Provide maximum study facilities for those aspiring to improve in this field for which the basic infrastructure such as Computers Internet facilities will be provided with possible grants.