Proposals Freedom of Expression

Finalist – Honduras: Good News Blog

  April 2, 2013

The Good News Blog's objective is to inspire young people who are going through a desperate and uncertain period. Inspiring interviews, mentorships and images can be used as a reference and knowledge can be shared among interviewees supporting their own life development. The plan is to interview persons without titles or college degrees but who have fulfilled their life goals and dreams with hard work and effort, like entrepreneurs, store and auto-shop owners, or salesmen.

Finalist – Argentina: Los Inestables Radio: More Participation, Less Segregation

  March 31, 2013

Los Inestables Radio seeks to promote the appropriation of digital technology tools by participants, with the aim to promote self-management and the collective participation in each of the stages of radio production. For this purpose, we will conduct training workshops in live broadcasting, recording and editing of podcasts, and the use of social networking so they can share their content with the global community. There will also be biweekly tutorials and sessions to share experiences with other local community organizations.

Finalist: The Cambodian Grassroots Social Media Project

  March 29, 2013

The proposal is to develop a social media training program for community-based organizations and grassroots activists working on human rights in Cambodia, with the long-term goal of increasing the sharing of human rights information domestically and internationally. The project will consist of 1) the development of a social media toolkit designed to impart the know-how and tools to create successful and compelling citizen media; and 2) 4 pilot trainings for a total of 40 trainees, who will be given the toolkit in soft-copies on USB sticks to facilitate access to the materials contained within.

Argentina: Los Chicos Lo Cuentan Corto

  March 5, 2013

We propose an audiovisual production workshop for children. We will use various techniques and communication tools to provide participants the opportunity to express their ideas, concerns, fears and feelings. It is expected that in the exchange with their peers in a favorable institutional context, children can be the protagonists of the stories they want to tell to enhance both their perspectives and their voices.

Ecuador: Voces Diversas en Wambra Radio

  March 4, 2013

Strengthen the exercise of communicating through the promotion of participation of several actors (women, young people, indigenous and rural population, and people with visual impairments) that have been historically excluded from the media in the proposal of Radio Wambra, Radio On Line as a space for community and citizen encounter on the internet, through a training for On Line radio production, podcast and blogs.

Morocco: Bridges (Change, Devolpment, Improvement)

  March 4, 2013

Our project is an initiative in Tiflet city in Morocco that works on teaching youth how to express them self in a positive way by giving them a lessons on how to do a podcast and also we train them on how they can use social networks for an educative purpose,and we think blogging is an effective way to let them express their ideas about different topics and we hope they will be able to help other youth that we couldn't reach the

Indonesia: Minority Voice

  March 4, 2013

The program is motivated by the lack of existence of alternative views that come from a minority in Aceh on the implementation of Islamic law in Aceh. Verbal form of misdirection and apostasy becoming more frequent by the public and the institutions of religion and government. This program tries to give more space to the parties that this knocked to talk more openly about ideas and values ​​that are believed them.

Pakistan: Capacity building of inhabitants of District Mardan

  March 3, 2013

The project will enable people especially qualified youth to make use of online social media networks like Twitter or facebook for expression of their views about their problems. They will be encouraged to use these links regularly. This will be done through developing the capacity of target community in district Mardan. Youth will especially be trained in workshops and training sessions.

Ghana: ‘Ankonsia’ Mobile Phone Online Project

  March 3, 2013

The “Ankonsia on – line using mobile phones” project is being focused on the Ankonsia community and is aimed at empowering the active users of mobile phones to be able to surf the internet for information such as News, Academic researches, social networking and also send vital information with their phones. The proposed project intends to make mobile phone technology more useful for accessing the internet by the people of Ankonsia.

Bangladesh: Primary School Teacher Now Online Media

  March 3, 2013

The project plans to startup of an online platform of 120 primary school teachers who educate minor boys and girls in the rural area of Bangladesh. They will be organized into batches for imparting training on using internet and online communication media at their flexible time. These learned groups would finally begin life unlocking the bureaucratic fiat along with their own stories. They will be able to in a position to explore social dignity