Proposals Governance & Transparency

Uganda: University Film Clubs

  May 1, 2014

The project seeks to raise insight and capacity to articulate freely on issues of distress within communities using online video advocacy. 80% of Ugandans are youth below 30 years. This is an important demographic group to strive and create social change through raising awareness on human rights issues, especially were standard democratic practices are restricted. The film clubs will promote freedom of expression through teaching students how to make engaging short films, micro blogging and utilizing social media sites to present their voice on current human rights issues in Uganda.

Czech Republic: European Anti-Corruption Centre – Mobile & Pad Access

  April 14, 2014

Build Mobile&Pad apps for Citizen Reporting +Train students how to add Corruption Related News to the European Anti-Corruption Centre search portal +How to find it with hand held devices -even across languages. Investigative & Citizen Journalism gets ‘lost’ in zettabytes on the Net. Major search engines are not interested. Cross language searches are nearly impossible. Hidden corruption +crime cross borders, bankrupt firms, destroy jobs & families, everywhere. The EurACC (online>Beta) helps solve this. Multilingual, indicative translations +later tools. ‘Key'=Mobile apps +Training Students.

Ukraine: Increase the Capacity of Public Voice

  April 14, 2014

The project will create an interactive social technology of Public Opinion Research the active citizens about the actual problems of the city. The technique involves the development of a software module for tablet for the street survey of citizens and conducting street interviews through a program module and an audio recording of their views, followed by treatment and placement of podcasts on this site. Polls will carry specially trained volunteers. The results will be promptly posted on the organization's website, which will be executed its reconstruction.

Kenya: Voice for Change

  April 13, 2014

It's a project that will call for youth participation through massive training on use of digital devices to bring change to the community. Members will be able to challenge the government as well as participate in public debates and decision making.

India: Empowerment of Women through Mobile Vaani

  April 9, 2014

Sisu Vikas Samiti intend to use Mobile Vaani , a voice based technology which enables the community to raise their voices, share their concerns and express their take on social issues. Mobile Vaani platform will emerge as a common platform for the people of Odisha to share their experiences, address their queries/questions/doubts on various issues they encounter their day to day lives. Here the callers and listeners will take up the issues pertaining to the gaps in the service delivery systems of various Government Schemes, lack of awareness on social issues, better understanding of agricultur

Ukraine: Center for Investigative Journalism “Garnet”

  April 9, 2014

СIJ «Garnet» – journalistic project in Kiev region, Ukraine. Objective of project – public control over public finance, privatization, and economic sphere in Kiev region. We hope to achieve level of professional mass-media. In our state we have negative situation, the local media do not cover the most important issues in many regions. We published articles about tenders, concessions, privatization and shared it in social networks for residents of Kiev region since February 2014. That's why residents of Kiev region always know the latest news about the actions of local authorities.

Kenya: Online Election

  April 9, 2014

Do develop a smartphone application which will be used in online voting or carrying out various surveys for research purposes.The application will be developed in windows and Androids.This application will be of great use in most developing countries and the globe at large.Voting in elections and electionering process is a big huddle. If it can be sorted out with applications which runs in web base then it will be a solution for the world wide web users and the world at large.

Jamaica: Mouthpiece of Jamaica

  April 8, 2014

Recent upsurge in confrontation with civilians and members of the security forces is an indicator of the lack of knowledge of the Rule Of Law and one's responsibility as rights bearers under the Jamaican Constitution. This project aims to build respect for law enforcement through awareness of the Jamaican Constitution, Charter of Rights and other relevant data sources. The project will be implemented under two components:Component 1: Direct contact through a one-day workshop on related topic for 20 persons, Component 2: Micro blog of relation information on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger

Serbia: Expanding Space for Citizens Activism

  April 7, 2014

This project aims to create a coordinated network of civic initiatives that would cooperate in addressing the issues of urban development policies and urban resource management, firstly on local, and then gradually to a national level. At the same time project will provide a online platform for exchange of experience and knowledge among existing initiatives and offering resources to the upcoming ones.

Uganda: Citizen Engagement and Government Responsiveness Using ICTs

  April 7, 2014

This project aims at deepening feedback and feedback mechanisms between the citizens and their local leaders in Oyam district, Northern Uganda.The project seek to encourage more active participation of citizens and local leaders on issues that affect service delivery within their respective communities. It will create awareness, build forum for discussions and provide appropriate channels for channeling community grievances and how these grievances get solved by their local leaders. Multi-stakholder dialogues will be held to discuss service delivery issues using a number of ICT platforms