· March, 2014

Proposals Women's Rights from March, 2014

Uganda: Speak Up Against Violence

  March 28, 2014

Speak Up against Violence (SUV), is a women initiative project to be implemented by TICFASO Uganda a women CBO dully registered by ministry of internal affairs. Innovatively the project intends to employ social media mechanisms to amplify the voices of marginalized women affected by Gender Based Violence. The project will be implemented in partnership with six radio stations in Teso i.e TBS FM, Etop radio FM, Voice of Teso FM, Veritus radio FM, Joshou FM and Delta FM. The approach will involve training women on GBV social media model, radio talk shows, radio spot messages and social media

India: Jagriti – Power to Empower – Awareness Program for Girls & Women

  March 28, 2014

JAGRITI “ Things to Remember” is an Training cum Awarness Program for Adolscent Girls & Women to educate them on knowing their Rights & How to Address Social Issues & take step ahead when required.The awareness program will Increase capability of women and girls to realize their rights, determine their life outcomes, and influence decision-making in households, community.The Project aims for 1. Counselling on Women Rights & Social Issues by counsellors to create sensitization 2.Creating enabling environment for Free Discussion to break down the barriers

Zimbabwe: Widows’ Voice Campaign

  March 26, 2014

The Widows’ Voice Campaign is a project by Widows Empowerment Trust (a registered organization based in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe). This project seeks to use social media to amplify the voices of the widows who are marginalized and excluded in Zimbabwe. Through training of key focal persons who are widows in using smartphones, taking pictures and videos, citizen journalism, storytelling and using social media; the project will empower the widows to tell their story and share it with the world. It will further help reduce stigma, discrimination, exclusion and abuse of widows in rural Matabeleland.

India: Women's Health Update

  March 25, 2014

This project is on creating awareness on breast cancer among the young rural women workers by voice mail and bulk SMS in Tamil language. By this project we would reach out nearly 20000 rural women of south tamilnadu where breast cancer occurrence is very severe now days. We would also use social networking like Face book to reach the college going girls.