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RV at Kibera

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Latest posts by RV at Kibera

28 August 2012

Mathare: Slum River Pollution Puts Lives at Risk

Continuing the series of posts about Global Voices' visit to our partner organization Map Mathare, Liana Aghajanian and Christian Bwaya, write about some of the challenges and solutions for proper...

3 August 2012

Kibera: A Lesson to Replicate

This post is part of a series of reports from Global Voices' collaboration with Map Kibera and Map Mathare that took place during the Global Voices Summit in Nairobi in...

1 August 2012

Mathare: Youth Blogging for Change in their Community

Continuing the series of posts about Global Voices' visit to our partner organization Map Mathare, Ylenia Gostoli, Saffah Faroog and Yvonne Tiany take a look at some of the issues...

22 July 2012

Kibera: Putting Marginalized Communities On The Map

During the Global Voices visit to Map Kibera in Kenya, Leila Nachawati met with local community leaders and activists from the Map Kibera Trust, which work on raising awareness about...

19 July 2012

Kibera: “Kenya Needs Political Leaders not Dealers”

Continuing the series on citizen journalism posts from Global Voices collaboration with Map Kibera, Kevin Rennie talks to two local residents that are committed to seeing the post-election violence does...

10 July 2012

Kibera: Power Women Challenging HIV Stigma

As a part of the journey to the Kibera neighborhood in Nairobi by the Global Voices Community members, a small group met with a group of HIV-positive women whose daily...

9 July 2012

Mapping Kibera – A Visit To Nairobi's Slums

On the July 1, 2012, a groups of Global Voices members went to the neighborhoods of Kibera, in Kenya to meet members of Map Kibera and learn about their work....