· July, 2013

Stories about Roundup from July, 2013

Rising Voices Roundup: July 18 – July 31

  31 July 2013

The most recent edition of the Rising Voices bi-weekly roundup features a lot of opportunities to apply for that we've found through social media... see if anything is right for you!

Rising Voices Roundup: July 3 – 17

  17 July 2013

Here is the second installment in our Rising Voices updates (3rd - 17th of July 2013) of what we've been doing, finding, and publishing online... just in case you've missed something. We hope you find it useful!

Rising Voices Roundup: 19 June – 3 July

  3 July 2013

We’ve decided to start creating a regular update about what we’ve been doing, publishing, and finding online. If you’ve missed what we’ve posted or want to take a look at some of our highlighted opportunities, take a look at this post and follow the links.