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Nigeria: Widening the Horizen of Creative Minds

  March 4, 2013

The project intends to train trainees from vocational schools on how to market their products(like catering services, bead jewelries and home accessories e.t.c. ) online by training them on web design, blogging and other social network. They will also be trained on how to use the social network to share information on reproductive health issues e.g. Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV e.t.c.

Georgia: Students Care

  March 3, 2013

Georgian mountainous region Khevsureti is famous for its culture. Local people there have limited access to new technologies, plus they face hard economic conditions, loosing motivation to spend their time&money on keeping our traditions. We students care about our culture, economy and with the research and training program aim to help community of this region adapt to ongoing processes, leading to cultural, social and economical development.

Serbia: Creative Rural Women on the World WEB

  March 3, 2013

With this project we intend to build virtual bridges between traditional and new technologies as well as elderly and young rural women, with the aim to enable them to promote their products by using ITC and partnerships. 24 women from 12 villages in province of Vojvodina will be trained to prepare virtual catalogs and how to spread them on the internet, which will create new opportunities for them to enter the inter/national market.

Nigeria: Utilising ICT Tools to Enhance Profitability in Catfish Farming

  March 3, 2013

Cat fish aquaculture is a serious business in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria with huge investment in infrastructure by the individual investors, World Bank and the Lagos State Government where more than twenty thousand jobs had been created. Utilizing ICT tools such as mobile phone, internet and social media will promote efficiency and profitability through information dissemination on market,timely alert of threat and knowledge sharing among farmers.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Start Blog

  March 3, 2013

Mission of Association for Promotion of Entrepreneurship “START” is to raise level of entrepreneurship spirit among young people. Having in mind number of users of internet, social networks, as well as number of blog readers, we are strongly committed to fully utilize these channels in a way that we will create blogging platform (blogs, video blogs) where successful entrepreneurs will share their stories in order to encourage young people.

Tanzania: Adoption Challenges of Analogy to Digital Technology

  March 2, 2013

To facilitate the society to be aware of the new emerging social networks so that to cope up with different social networks changes. Objectives: To prepare the local communities to interact with the new social networks, To prepare the local l communities to build up an awareness on the effects of social networks, To assess the impacts of social networks to the targeted grou

Cuba: Promoting Economic Inclusion through Digital Media

  March 2, 2013

The project is about disseminate to the Baracoa people the new possibilities and facilities for the creation of small businesses and guide the people about the procedures necessary to do so attending to the low entrepreneurial culture of the cuban people. Also, will be a way of publicity of the entrepreneurs that have not any media to give to know to the world their works and to link them with possible buyers and the local community in Baracoa.

Nepal: E-Samriddhi – Marketing for Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Development

  March 2, 2013

The project intends to deliver a marketing platform for rural communities/businesses in Nepal by enabling them to create videos for their businesses. The target beneficiaries will be given a digital camera. They will be trained to use the camera its photos to create videos in a web platform called picovico and upload them on YouTube and link them to social media like facebook. This will help them market/scale up their business.

Zambia: E-Learning for Social Entrepreneurs

  March 1, 2013

Using Moodle, a free software for designing Content Management System, we have managed to build an online platform that could offer user friendly interface for learning online. Users will have opportunity to interact with web2.0 tools to gain their knowledge and skills on successful social entrepreneurship. We could train at least 150 young people from Africa to become change makers online in their school, college, university or community.

Sierra Leone: Kombra Project

  March 1, 2013

This is a rural “Women's Economic Development Enterprise that helps women to utilize their skills and earn wages to improve their economic status. The women are producing traditional tie-died textiles into colorful pressed cotton tablecloths and napkins, bedspreads etc. to market locally and internationally online through social media and networking. The profits generated are put towards establishing scholarships for rural girls’ education.