Proposals Tanzania

Tanzania: Sauti Yangu Media

Sauti Yangu Media is a swahili name means My Voice Media.The project aims at equipping voiceless community helping them to advocate for their own needs or participate online.The project is seeking a solution to the young Tanzanian 13-30 ages who are dying almost every day while driving a motorcycle in Meru District. The project will involve Government and non Governmental to get Emergency Response & Prevention. Different feedback will be collected.

Tanzania: Widow Voices and New Media

  March 3, 2013

The Project seeks empower single mothers in Chake Chake district Pemba Island in using new information technology telling their stories on the success and challenges they face while caring for HIV/AIDS Children. It will use Audio program and Blog to send messages to great audiences and authorities,This project is unique and will be fruitfull.

Tanzania: Adoption Challenges of Analogy to Digital Technology

  March 2, 2013

To facilitate the society to be aware of the new emerging social networks so that to cope up with different social networks changes. Objectives: To prepare the local communities to interact with the new social networks, To prepare the local l communities to build up an awareness on the effects of social networks, To assess the impacts of social networks to the targeted grou

Tanzania: Promoting Governance and Accountability in Development Management

  March 2, 2013

To promote local governance and accountability in development management and advocacy rationale use of government budgets to achieve poverty reduction targets in Kibaha district, Tanzania. The community people (80) from rural and urban areas will be trained on pro-poor development, citizen journalism, data collection and analysis and advocacy journalism. District council leaders (10) will be trained on accountability.

Tanzania: Ending Communication Barrier to Deaf People

  March 2, 2013

Deaf people in the Coast Region of Tanzania didn't engage in HIV/AIDS counseling and testing knowing their health status due to communication barrier between them and health experts in the VTC, health centers, village dispensaries and hospitals. Experts didn't know how to communicate with deaf people by using sign language. To tackle the problem project will conduct sign language training to health experts. To bridge gap of communication

Tanzania: Stopping Violence Against Children

The project shall base on stopping violence against children by reducing child labor and underage marriages. Local leaders and primary school teachers shall be trained on how to take digital photographs, video and audio recording of speeches that condemn child abuse and underage marriages. They’ll also be trained on how to create and post documents to the blogs and social networks. This will create awareness and stop violence against children

Tanzania: Orphans Multimedia Networking Program (MNP)

  March 2, 2013

The project shall involve taking digital photographs ,video and audio recording success stories and teaching AIDS orphans and their guardians on how to use social networks like face book, twitter and blogs. They shall then post the photos from their business premises and personal success stories online . Hence , other people can access the same and this will help to create awareness in the community thus propelling help to more AIDS orphans

Tanzania: Disability Voices Against Stigmatization and Discrimination

  March 1, 2013

The project aims to create awareness to the community about discarding the notion on the community that the disabled community are not normal human, but also to confirm that the disabled people are capable and can perform duties and roles that other people in the community perform. This means that at the end of the project the community is going to realize that the disabled community should not be stigmatized or discriminated due to their status

Tanzania: Chukua Hatua: Andika na Utume!

  March 1, 2013

There are lots of untold stories to tell in rural communities with regards to Governance, good and bad. This project shall seek to train teacher and farmer animators in rural communities of Tanzania to creatively write and disseminate community narratives in local and global media. These animators have received trainings on Governance and Democracy, they have proved to be important tool for creating awareness and influencing actions since 2011.