Proposals Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Disability Experience Sharing

  March 1, 2013

Disability issues in Sierra Leone still faces a lot of challenges in all sectors of the society. This makes it difficult for PWDs to enhance self- aggrandizement both as individual and in groups. Even with setting up of a Commission on disabilities they still lack basic to enjoy their rights equally with others. This project aims to increase the access of PWDs to information and create a forum to discuss their issues with duty bearers.

Sierra Leone: Kombra Project

  March 1, 2013

This is a rural “Women's Economic Development Enterprise that helps women to utilize their skills and earn wages to improve their economic status. The women are producing traditional tie-died textiles into colorful pressed cotton tablecloths and napkins, bedspreads etc. to market locally and internationally online through social media and networking. The profits generated are put towards establishing scholarships for rural girls’ education.

Sierra Leone: Computing for Blind and Visually-impaired Professionals

  February 25, 2013

None of the leaders of blind person organisations (BPOs) and schools for the blind in Sierra Leone (SL), who are themselves blind or visually-impaired (BVI), can use computers.A few have access to email, but they cannot use it without assistance.This represents a serious challenge to their independence and social inclusion, and to the development of their organisations. It is also bad for the next generation because little is being done to change

Sierra Leone: PeaceItOut

  February 25, 2013

PeaceItOut (Peace It Out) is a project by the Young Peace Builders in Sierra Leone that is aimed at creating an online and offline interactive forum for youth in Sierra Leone and abroad to share their concerns on issues affecting them and their communities, and further exchange ideas for partnership & collaboration with other youth groups and individuals in different part of the Country and beyond.

Sierra Leone: ‘Attire Base’ Youth Parliament

  February 19, 2013

The project ‘Attire Base Youth Parliament’ will enable youth to use new media such as videos, and the internet to share their stories to the world. These youth will have the opportunity to discuss issues that impact them such as sports, to daily life of survival, to politics, economic and social issues that affect them and the country and document them online and via video media. These discussions are mature, sensible, sensitive and debatable.

Sierra Leone: Enhancing Youth Inclusion and Participation in Local Governance

  February 15, 2013

The proposed project titled “Enhancing Youth Participation in Local Governance in Kenema District” aimed at promoting participatory democracy at local level with the key objective of increasing youth inclusion in decision making structures in ten communities in the Nongowa chiefdom, Kenema district within a period of nine months. In Sierra Leone, Kenema district to be specific, youths belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in terms of socio

Sierra Leone: A Citizen Media Boot Camp for Kokofele

  February 7, 2013

Sembehun Kokofele is a deprived community found in the southern part of Sierra Leone. This village is so deprived that technology and electricity so this project will introduce internet activities to promote them. this will be done in partnership with tutors from Silicon Pro in Freetown to teach the participants about the use the internet as well how to ensure that relevant programs to enhance their development is protrayed in all their events