Proposals Labor Rights

Peru: Amantani for the World

  March 4, 2013

Amantani is an island located on Lake Titicaca in Puno, where its residents take part in rural community tourism. However, travel agencies are the ones the most benefit from this activity by being an intermediary with the travelers. That is why we hope to have the population become active on the internet (blogs and social media) so that they can offer this touristic service directly.

Pakistan: Labor Rights of Domestic Working Women

  February 28, 2013

This Project will be accomplished by the 10 young human right activist through video documentation. CHANAN will trained both male & female from 5 districts of Pakistan. These activist will trained as Video Documentation Officers and will make some video documentaries on the issues of Domestic Working women's Labor issues in Pakistan. Theses documentaries will be presented in front of government, media, civil society etc for the border impact.

Bolivia: Rising Sex Workers’ voices

  February 26, 2013

We seek to empower female sex workers providing tools to tell their own stories and claims, in defense of our human and labor rights. Through training in the management of internet and digital photography, they would access to more information to defend their rights, also is expected to tell and illustrate their stories with digital videos and audios that will be uploaded on the web site and facebook page of ONAEM

Uganda: Digitalizing Workers’ Rights

  February 21, 2013

I would like to form a group of workers’ rights activists comprising of rights trainers and garbage collectors to volunteer in rights awareness training through digital equipment use. The goal is to train members in the use of digital equipment in identifying, learning and documenting workers’ rights violations.Information Dissemination methodology will be through video shows. Flyers, creation of Blogs and use of mobile phones.

India: Women Labourers Realities (WLR)

  February 15, 2013

Rising voice is a rare Initiative that recognizes the growing participation gap in digital media and journalism. It’s goal to bring new voices from new communities and languages to the ‘Conversational web’ aligns with women laboureres’ fundamental objectives are: to empower women laboureres socio – economically underprivileged women laboureres living In Matharai, Usilampatti villages as Dinamalar Journalists who will write and disseminate.

Qatar: Nepali Migrant Workers in the Middle East

  February 7, 2013

A million Nepalis work as housemaids, construction workers and goat herders in the Middle East. These men and women suffer physical and psychological torture and abuse. No mechanism exists to help the migrant workers. With this project, I want to train 100 Nepali migrant workers in the region so that they can share their stories in social media (facebook, twitter, blogs and radios) to generate momentum to force respective governments to act.