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We hope to create a one stop repository to learn, connect and share with the online community the other side of Pakistan. We will explore our culture, food, language, arts, people, lifestyle, literature and social issues without devolving to politics as is the norm in the country. Due to sectarian issues, national security and the creeping extremist narrative we feel there is a thirst for something else. All those small miracles, those causes worth celebrating entirely through the eyes of citizen journalists, sharing and contributing their Pakistan through blogs, vlogs, photo diaries and more


  • S Gul

    Jalaibi by giving space to positive stories is doing its bit in creating a narrative of hope. Being a Pakistani, I feel such a narrative of hope is very much needed especially in an overall media (mainstream and social) environment of ‘breaking news’ sensationalising a precarious domestic security situation. I for one, would like to see Jalaibi continuing with their positive attitude and urge others to follow.

  • Excellent initiative to provide space to unheard people. Pakistan is opening up, particularly youth is positively commenting on events and contributing towards a more stronger democratic and corruption free country.

    A blogger myself, I think this initiative will augment the process of open dialogue in the country.

  • Ali brilliantly provides a taste of the true Pakistani society and mindset. It is an important website because it exposes an intelligent, thoughtful and perceptive side of the Pakistan psyche – a side often overlooked in the international arena where up until now stereotypes of extremes have dominated: religious extremists on one hand, and the westernized elites of Pakistan on the other. focuses on aspects (small and large) that touch every individual from this part of the world, and it is these collectively that make up a more accurate image of this country and region. An image that urgently needs to go mainstream, as it will shape the views of many internationally. is testimony to a civilization far older than any other, carrying it’s flag of sophistication and Eastern intellect into today’s world.

  • Dear Team (behind

    The detail which has been communicated above, in itself, seems like a silver lining. For far too long we have been hostage to negativity. Newspaper, TV, even social media, at times, is full of reflection of dismal condition in our dear motherland. I have often been approached by friends and family living abroad who know Pakistan through the mentioned media only and the only and constant message is, I must leave the country.

    However, in the midst all the chaos, I am alive, and I do have my share of happiness. Pakistan seems to be a happening country and she carries quite a lot of positives too which seldom make to to the maintstream media.

    While I thank the team for this initiative, I hope and pray this platform is able to communicate and let the world know the finer side of Pakistan where flowers still bloom, where a walk with the family eating a roasted corn on the cob is still a common, where it is still hard to get tickets for movie upon its launch as theaters are booked for weeks in advance, where fashion is a happening scene, where artists of various genres are in abundance, where there is a lot more life beyond terrorism, violence, street crime.

    All the best and hope to be a contributor.



  • Syeda Jaisha

    Brilliant initiative. Looking forward to see it thriving and be a part of it.

  • Maria Memon

    Jalailbi like the name depicts is a sweet and timely effort to present a refreshing perspective about all things Pakistani. I highly recommend it to all my foreign journo colleagues and friends who are interested in this Region. All the more power to you Team Jalaibi!

  • Sarah

    Thank you all for the above comments on behalf of the team. We aspire to live up to your expectations and look to all of you, as readers or contributors to continue to inspire us as we move ahead with this project.

  • Saba

    Fantastic! Finally, a place where we can talk about our culture, society, art, literature…in short, anything and everything which makes us inherently Pakistani, without dragging politics into the mix. Bravo!

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