· April, 2014

Proposals Mobile Phones from April, 2014

Kenya: Voice for Change

  April 13, 2014

It's a project that will call for youth participation through massive training on use of digital devices to bring change to the community. Members will be able to challenge the government as well as participate in public debates and decision making.

Pakistan: Awaz Program (Voices Program)

  April 12, 2014

JAAGO FOUNDATION is working on the basic rights of women and young girls in Pakistan. Firstly, through the customs, traditions and the tribal system here restrict women's rights is called. There are so many issues for girls in this situation. Badin, where we are working on the Lockheed-Martin.Nearly 80 percent of the people reached by radio. 77% has reached mobile and 46% net. We managed to both boys and girls of girls ‘ rights and information successes of their own radio, mobile and networking through to young girls. And let their legal education, consciousness and awareness.

Kenya: The Slum Voices

  April 12, 2014

Whenever you come across a story about slums in Kenya’s mainstream media, it will most probably be negative; relating to crime, fire, drugs, prostitution, floods etc. This coverage paints a negative image of the slums and the residents. The Slum Voices is a citizen journalism program aimed at telling the world the positive stories from slums by the residents themselves through videos and pictures taken using their mobile phone cameras. The program targets all slum communities and will equip interested residents with basic journalism skills to help them tell their stories.

Brazil: Bonito Ecommunicators

  April 10, 2014

The Bonito-MS/Brasil city is internationally known as “the capital of ecotourism”, in spite of garbage left in the open, no sanitation, no care for nature outside the tourist attractions and local population being excluded from the development process. The proposed project intends to give voice to this marginalized population, and find images, sounds and words that represent their stories and needs. It aims to make weekly posts on a blog, considering that the productions will be made by the community and by the Bonito Ecommunicators, which will be multipliers of the workshops they are partici

India: The Road Ahead – India’s Unheard Voices

  April 10, 2014

Forced displacement happens due to natural or manmade disaster, social and political unrest/conflict, ecological/climate change or development (e.g. industrial projects, dam construction, etc). In India, the people that are most vulnerable to this are scheduled castes, indigenous and tribal people, often very poor and uneducated – but most of all, unheard or worse yet, silenced. Our project involves citizen reporting. Mobile phones with inbuilt audio recorders are low-cost tools that enable us to easily connect and communicate. Our hope is to bring attention toward their experiences and needs.

Malawi: Pamodzi Media – Bringing Digital Media to the Disabled Community

  April 9, 2014

The project is designed to enhance unified access to health and social-economic information for the vulnerable people and increase their usage of digital media and take up leading role in influencing the policies and counter act on the social injustice that heavily affect people with disability. The project website will be developed and it will house online audio, video and article publications. weekly outreach events, will be encourage to sensitize on the use of our online media website. The project will teach and encourage use of digital media amongst the disabled people

India: Empowerment of Women through Mobile Vaani

  April 9, 2014

Sisu Vikas Samiti intend to use Mobile Vaani , a voice based technology which enables the community to raise their voices, share their concerns and express their take on social issues. Mobile Vaani platform will emerge as a common platform for the people of Odisha to share their experiences, address their queries/questions/doubts on various issues they encounter their day to day lives. Here the callers and listeners will take up the issues pertaining to the gaps in the service delivery systems of various Government Schemes, lack of awareness on social issues, better understanding of agricultur

Nigeria: Mobile Advocacy Training For Environmental Monitoring

  April 9, 2014

The project aim is to mobilize the people of ijegun community who have been perpetual victims of environmental pollution, to monitor their environment. This involves the capturing of image(photo & video) of pollution , for documentation and environmental reporting. Recently, a nigerian owned state Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation spilled into the community water and for weeks and months, it was not in the media and public domain. The mobile activism project is to give the people a ready voice through the picture and video representation of their environmental degradation plights.

Uganda: Campaign Against Violation of Women Rights

  April 9, 2014

CARA intends to implement a 1 year project titled “Campaign against violation of women rights”in Kayunga District.The proposed project hopes to achieve the following; Improvement in the reported cases of violation of women rights, Reduction in violation cases against women, increased community awareness on dangers on violation of rights of women, CARA proposes to achieve the above outcomes through implementing different activities.The project will sensitize women on their human and civil rights through community dialogue meetings working with law enforcers, one no one dissemination of messages

India: Bhili Swara – Voice of Indian Bhili Adivasis

  April 9, 2014

CGnet Swara is a verbal news platform – a mobile-phone service that allows people to upload and listen to reports in their ownlanguages, providing a communication outlet for media dark zones that usually do not find space in mainstream media. Reported stories are moderated by journalists and become available for playback online as well as over the phone. Villagers drop a missed call on CGNet’s server, which then calls them back, and records their reports.By appointing a moderator/trainer for Bhil tribals, we aim to replicate the success achieved with ‘Gond’ and ‘Baiga’ tribals in Central India