Proposals Elderly

Colombia: Virtual Grandfathers

  April 14, 2014

Watching our sector where we find the adult population and the elderly, intended reduce the technological gap, taking advantage enthusiasm we observe in the population we decided focus our efforts in offer a program which we allow begin a process of formation TIC whit us, in this learning the most basic for rapprochement to computer equipment and later learning the management of the different program of the Microsoft office and management of the website, with these basic tools they can express their experiences and tell their stories

Bolivia: A Digital Travel Through Time

  April 10, 2014

These project has the main purpose or bring closeness to elderly people to the world of informatics communicational technology so trough these the elderly people can express their life ideas and experiences focus in their culture, reality, coyuntural problematics, dreams and expectations. In this way we reduce the technological breach that is commonly associated to elderly people. Also we seek to promote the memory exercise trough interactive games and tablets, emotional and therapeutic work and the physical developing with an adapting change, focus in promote a life wellbeing.

Egypt: Beautiful Age Radio

  April 8, 2014

Establishing a Radio on the Internet oriented for the elderly . Elderly are preparing the articles radio by themselves . They choose and prepare the content :old Songs & Music , Talk about their experiences and suffering associated with aging. I hope to achieve accustoming the elderly to use computers & Internet , Communication among Elderly and between them and the younger, highlighted the elderly and their problems. The project is implemented through : Organizing two workshops to train 30 elderly about preparing radio materials, recorded and upload it on internet.