Proposals Egypt

Egypt: Conteen

  April 15, 2014

We are at the stage of preparing a private company production media aimed at this basis,The first projects will be the program conteen (connect+teen) Because the young teenager is tomorrow so The project is considered the voice of a teenager 1-goal of the program communication between teenagers and the rest of the members of the community , and especially their families by creating an area of dialogue 2-the aim of the program is to deepen the idea that age is not an obstacle 3-Attention creators of them and try to get funded for their ideas and inventions 4-assist resolving their problems

Egypt: Mapping Platform – Industrial Water Pollution Along The Nile

  April 14, 2014

The project will create an online, publicly accessible water pollution mapping platform, focusing on industrial pollution. The map will host various layers of information: all industrial facilities operating by the Nile; Links to media coverage, social networks posts pinpointed by location; Short interviews, with local populations; and Legal cases. The platform will be hosted on, using Ushahidi mapping platform, a reporting system will be the main method of collecting raw data via crowd-sourcing with a restricted report template. Training in inputtig data will be given to communitie

Egypt: Bdroom

  April 9, 2014 is the site of Art Independent was the beginning of the work since June 12, 2013 and is the site interested in music and graffiti and independent films with ,, where we have archiving and propaganda ,, We want to make the basement venue offers an integrated technical support and publicity for artists and those who want to deliver their art and their knowledge of the people in general and to the activities of cultural institutions and facilitate access to the public.

Egypt: Rural Women Online

  April 9, 2014

The project aim to support women and young people in Rural Areas in Egypt to take their rights and enhance the services that provide to them by the State an the local NGO's by giving them the chance to access Internet and use social Media tools in a permanent way by having a “Small Safe environment Internet Center” that provide them with skills and PC's and Internet Connection to Learn and understand how to use social media and Use it as a tool to enhance their life.

Egypt: Beautiful Age Radio

  April 8, 2014

Establishing a Radio on the Internet oriented for the elderly . Elderly are preparing the articles radio by themselves . They choose and prepare the content :old Songs & Music , Talk about their experiences and suffering associated with aging. I hope to achieve accustoming the elderly to use computers & Internet , Communication among Elderly and between them and the younger, highlighted the elderly and their problems. The project is implemented through : Organizing two workshops to train 30 elderly about preparing radio materials, recorded and upload it on internet.

Egypt: Felucca to Support the Issues of the Suez Canal Cities

  April 7, 2014

The project works to support indigenous issues and the project is a radio broadcast on the Internet and also airs on the streets, for example, the rights of fishermen in Ismailia Fish In North Sinai Bedouin Rights In Suez rights of workers in oil companies and in the Port of human traders and this, for example. And that's where those cities are considered border cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt and they have the special character of this radio helps people to solve their own problems and to support officials in contributing to the implementation of projects of their own giving them full

Egypt: Educate Young People

  April 4, 2014

Educate youth village targeted There are no services out where the youth of the village called Village Salamouny belonging to the center of Akhmim, Sohag Governorate needs youth of the village to the Center for Computer Education and means of social networking, because the village does not have this service to the difficulty of transportation and suffer most of the girls and young people in the movement of the center in order to Acetkmilo their research scholarships inappropriate, the idea was to provide their requirements in the village to solve the problem they have

Egypt: Yadaweya – Egypt Crafts Artisans Platform

  April 2, 2014

Yadaweya is an online handicrafts marketplace serves as a platform for sharing stories about handicrafts artisans in upper Egypt and desert areas in Egypt with customers who value and appreciate the uniqueness of these ethnic traditional crafts. Yadaweya is an online fair trade marketplace that serves as a platform for those interested in discovering Egypt's crafts disadvantages communities and its cultural heritage. we aims to connect (offline) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide through spread their stories and products.

Egypt: Sawt el Salam Youth Digital Journalism Training

  March 31, 2014

Bashkatib will deliver digital journalism training to Sawt el Salam, a group of youth from Dar El Salam, Cairo, who run a small community media outlet in their neighborhood. Bashkatib initiated Sawt el Salam as one in a network of youth-run media outlets in marginalized areas throughout Egypt. The youth design, edit and manage a print publication distributed monthly in their neighborhood, and contribute content to the online Bashkatib network. This project will develop the youth's skills in digital video, using social media platforms and the Internet for journalism, and basic management.