Proposals Colombia

Colombia: Virtual Grandfathers

  April 14, 2014

Watching our sector where we find the adult population and the elderly, intended reduce the technological gap, taking advantage enthusiasm we observe in the population we decided focus our efforts in offer a program which we allow begin a process of formation TIC whit us, in this learning the most basic for rapprochement to computer equipment and later learning the management of the different program of the Microsoft office and management of the website, with these basic tools they can express their experiences and tell their stories

Colombia: Critical Focus – Young Citizens Engaged with Storytelling

  April 14, 2014

To train 39 young people from different “comunas” of Medellin in a co-creative storytelling process related with a formative electroacoustic music community project that involves musician children. The idea is to guide participants in creating stories with multimedia formats like video clips, audio and video streaming, online radio and photography, made with free software and low cost tools so these young people can replicate what they learned. This project will also train participants in creating a citizen blog in which they will publish the stories and connect it with social networks.

Colombia: Community Cinema Screenings

  April 14, 2014

The aim of the project is that the children and young women of the neighborhood Juan Rey in Bogota, Colombia produce a shortfilm on the principal challenges of a child who grows in an environment of exclusion and conflict. We want to sensitize to the community on the impact of a negative environment in the growth and development of the children. The shortfilm will realize by means of the training in audio-visual production, photography of 20 children and young inhabitants of this vulnerable community of the south of the Colombian capital.

Colombia: My Life in Focus Tumaco

  April 14, 2014

My Life in Focus Tumaco is a citizen media education program for marginalized Afro-Colombian youth (14-21) affected by violence, poverty and armed conflict. Our mission is to support the youth to have their own, authentic voices be heard, to provide them with an alternative to joining one of the illegal armed groups and to improve their prospect of gaining employment in the media sector. To achieve this we will provide participants with a training in human rights, followed by professional-grade training in aspects of digital media, such as reporting, blogging, photography, and filmmaking.

Colombia: Digitalizando el Pasado

  April 10, 2014

This initiative is a response to the need of documenting the local history of the 12th municipality people. The project is about putting the stories and events of the people who have their life experiences in these places into a tangible format (photographs, documents, interviews, anecdotes and elements that were part of the history). The implemented methodology is based on a reflective, systematic and methodical search for information through tools such as ICTs, with the aim to collecting information, and promoting digital literacy among the elderly participating in the process.

Colombia: Human Rights Memory

We´ve created a website and apps that integrate information of the memory of victims of cases of Human Rights violations of Latin America and Brazil.The contents are constructed jointly together with the affected ones and it´s shared in several languages and multimedia.As well the platform uses other interactive tools to share and integrate the information for human rights promotion and its activities.The proposal looks to get resources to develop on objects and handicraft items produced by victims with augmented reality codes to approach and address society and the stakeholders to the project

Colombia: Getting to Know the Birds in My Region

  April 8, 2014

This Project aims at encouraging students to develop research skills for protecting the environment through the observation of the local fauna. This will be done through bird watching field trips at non risk sites in which children will identify bird species and take pictures of them. Using the data collected by the students, educational materials will be produced by them such as posters, blogs and visual bird guides with information about the species found in the region. In addition, workshops will be carried out where biologist, community and students will share their knowledge about birds.

Colombia: Voz

  April 8, 2014

VOZ is designed to allow individuals and organisations to quickly and easily post live reports of human rights and environmental issues occurring in their local area using a phone or a PC. These posts are uploaded to a website, showing the report and its location on a map as it is happening. VOZ will become a database of geographically located reports submitted by grassroots and SMOs around the globe. With the aim of helping movements connect and share experiences and knowledge, and providing up to the minute and locally produced information for local, national and international NGOs.

Colombia: Youth Digital Newspaper

  April 2, 2014

The project will strengthen the only Youth Newspaper in Cajamarca, Colombia, to inform community about the grave Human Rights situation (two enviromentalist murders) , the mining impacts, the women claim, the citizen participation, etc, generating a concrete possibility to facilitate that each person in the world can accede to information that the newspaper publishes in a virtual platform. To the success of the project is necessary supplies training about design and use of websites, also acquire equipment, the trainig and link of digital reporters.