Different news about the same tragedy

After lecture of Sandra Jakovljević about Internet marketing, students of Second generation of the School of Web-Journalism had a practical lesson. They had to write their own news on the basis of CNN news about recent plane crash which took place in Buffalo, New York.

Žikica Živković wrote that strong plane crash of Colgan Air company, on the Continental Airlines flight disturbed peaceful night in the nearby of Buffalo.
“In the moment of impact, all 49 aboard the plane died, along with one person on the ground. Marvin Renslow did not come to family lunch this weekend and Beverly Eckert shared the same destiny which killed her lost husband on September 11th 2001 during the attack on World trade center”.

Gordana Erić wrote that airplane was en route from Newark, New Jersey crashing down eight kilometers from airport.
“TV showed the pieces of airplane in populous quart. Two persons were transmitted in hospital, but died shortly after that. The cause of plane crash is still unknown. In the moment of tragedy, there was hard rain in Buffalo”.

Dragan Milošević thinks that this is perhaps another moment that could start discussion about safety.
“The fact is that, until plane crash, crew did not have any problems with plane, at least not until last contact with flight controller. If Internet as media can show feelings then you could read thinking and statements of those that lost their relatives.”

Darko Nikolić believes that there is something strange in human consciousness when we hear that someone is no longer among the living.
Well known phrase “All the best about late one” then come in center of attention, without any special excuse. Unfortunately, sometimes without good reason too. CNN report about recent plane crash that happened near Buffalo speaks exactly about that, because the stories about victims are presented under curtain of slight intemperately “faultlessness”?

In his news, Bojan Veličković wrote about individual tragedy.
“Among victims was young student, Madeline Loftus. Maddie, born in New Jersey, prepared herself to play in the game for her ex hockey team on Saturday.
“We are all deeply shocked with this tragedy”, said Jerry Boyes, chairman of the club.

Dragana Bjelica noticed that death of 50 people in plane crash near Buffalo and their biographies on CNN internet site, is not the most read story today.
“Four persons killed in shooting” is headline number one on the list. Ex worker in one New York hospital killed yesterday four persons that he knew well. “Thirteen years old British boy became father” is second most read story today. Portraits of the victims of plane crash are on fourth place on the list.

Report made by Dragana Banković

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  1. this is a very good training, any blogger should try it since we’re getting more and more criticisms from our articles (written not the pictures). I think the more experience you get the more neutral you become and this doesn’t only refer to citizen journalism…
    keep up the good work friends!

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