Stories about Events

Spark13: 4th Global Forum on Telecentres

  27 April 2013

Rising Voices is pleased to announce that we will be a media partner for the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres to be held in Granada, Spain on May 28-29, 2013. The gathering will focus on how people, innovation, and sustainability are fundamental for these important community spaces that encourage citizen participation.

Get Online Week 2013: Europe's Digital Empowerment Campaign

  20 March 2013

This week is “Get Online Week”, a push to teach new digital skills to those with limited exposure to the Internet. The program this year tries to address Europe's rising unemployment, and especially focusing on young people, teaching and training them in new skills.

World Radio Day 2013

  31 January 2013

This coming February 13th will mark UNESCO’s World Radio Day, bringing together broadcasters, advocates, creators, and networks to improve and celebrate radio around the world. UNESCO recognizes that radio can, in emergency situations, be the best way to get information to people who need it most - and at other times can help people to engage with issues that affect them every day.

Workshop: Digital Media for Endangered Languages in Latin America

  30 November 2012

Rising Voices is collaborating with the Enduring Voices Project and the Living Tongues Institute, who are organizing a workshop on Digital Media for Endangered Languages in Latin America that will take place in Santiago, Chile in January 2013. Twelve indigenous language activists will gather to learn how to best use these digital technologies to document and revitalize their native tongues.

Citizen Journalism with Map Kibera During GV Summit

  7 July 2012

As part of the activities of the recent Global Voices Citizen Media Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya on July 2-3, Rising Voices partnered with the local organization Map Kibera Trust to bring together groups from both communities to share experiences and to participate in a joint citizen journalism activity.

Ecuador: Day 2 of Conectándonos Ecuador

  31 May 2012

The second day of Conectándonos Ecuador was an opportunity for participants to hone their skills in various subjects, including blogging, covering events in real time, creating an audio podcast, and more. They were also placed into groups according to their interests and were instructed to create an online project using their newly acquired skills in citizen media. Here is a short summary of the second day of Conectándonos Ecuador.

Ecuador: Day 1 of Conectándonos Ecuador

30 May 2012

Following the success of Conectándonos Bolivia, Rising Voices teamed with the Technical University of Loja (UTPL for its initials in Spanish) to replicate the gathering in Ecuador. Thirty-four participants representing a variety of Ecuadorian provinces arrived in Loja on May 24. Although they had different interests, participants arrived ready to learn and to connect with others who are using citizen media in their local communities.

For an Ecuadorian Digital Space with Greater Participation

30 May 2012

Rising Voices recently organized a three-gathering in Loja, Ecuador on May 24-26, 2012. The focus of the gathering “Conectándonos” (Connecting) is to provide support and training to 35 participants from underrepresented communities and those working closely with these groups to examine how they can play a role in ensuring that the Ecuadorian digital space is more inclusive with greater participation by all.

Apps4Africa: Using Crowdsourced Mobile Apps to Tackle Climate Change

  25 March 2012

Apps4Africa is an effort by a Ugandan software company started in 2009 with the idea of trying to help people in Africa use technology to their benefit. The Apps4Africa challenge is now spreading to southern African countries and during February - March 2012 it is being hosted in several countries of this region. On last March 16th a campaign event was organized in the Madagascar capital Antananarivo.

Iraq: First Conference For Iraqi Bloggers

  21 March 2012

The first conference for the Iraqi bloggers took place during 8-9 February in the city of Sulaymaniyah. It was organized by the Iraqi Network for Social Media and more than 70 Iraqi bloggers from across the country attended. For a country with low internet penetration and security concerns for bloggers this conference brought a lot of hope.

Video Contest: Everyday Digital Native – Cast Your Vote Now

  16 March 2012

The juries of the “Everyday Digital Native” video contest organized by The Centre for Internet & Society (CIS), India, and HIVOS shortlisted 12 videos for the next round. You can check out the final videos and vote for your favorite one within March 31, 2012. Five videos with the maximum votes will be declared winners on April 1, 2012.