Stories about RV Community

A Journey Towards Social Entrepreneurship

  15 August 2013

Kofi Yeboah is a blogger who often writes for Global Voices. Recently he attended a summer course for young innovators at the Amani Institute, and wrote to us about his experiences and about the influence of training programs like this.

Mozambique: Workshop Ripple Effect in Maputo

  13 September 2012

A number of new blogs focusing on the arts, transparency, and everyday life have been created as a result of the Citizen Media and Free Culture workshops that took place in Maputo, Mozambique in July 2012. This is a summary of the blogging topics covered, as well as the reflections on the participants who are eager to continue to learn more.

Mozambique: What are the Remaining Untold Stories?

  5 September 2012

With the aim to encourage socially committed citizens to make better use of citizen media in the contemporary era through more conscious, critical, and independent ways, Global Voices' Mozambican partner@Verdade newspaper organized the “Citizen Media and Free Culture” workshop, as a way to trigger the construction of a freer, more united, and more participatory media culture.

RV At 5: A Journey To Mutual Enlightenment And Satisfaction

  2 June 2012

David Sasaki, the founding director of Rising Voices, reflects on the completion of five years of Rising Voices. In the first three years of his tenure he has traveled extensively to visit, support, and mentor over twenty Rising Voices grantee projects around the world. David thinks that it's not the technology what matters, it's what you do with it.

Rising Voices Year in Review 2011

  2 January 2012

Rising Voices looks back at some of the highlights from our work in 2011, including welcoming new grantees, forging new partnerships, and organizing citizen media outreach events. We would also like to thank all those that accompany us on our mission of working towards a global online space much more representative with greater participation by all.

Blogging Positively: Observing World AIDS Day Via Tweets

  4 December 2011

On December 1, 2011 Rising Voices invited global users to tweet about how World AIDS Day is being commemorated in different communities. Rising Voices recommended use of the hashtag #BlogPos and #WAD11 and encouraged tweets in any language mentioning the country. In this post we look at some of the Tweets on World Aids Day across the world.

Rising Voices Community Survey – Sharing The Results

  3 February 2011

Rising Voices started its journey more than three and a half years ago and its community of grantees, participants, applicants, readers, well-wishers have grown gradually. The community mailing list has now over a thousand members. In December, 2010 we asked our readers and community members what they have found valuable about Rising Voices over these past several years, and what other resources they would like to see incorporated into Rising Voices. Here is the summary of the key findings.

Featured Project: Unnayan TV – Video For Development

  26 January 2011

From now on we will regularly be featuring projects from the Rising Voices community and beyond (outside the grantees). In this feature we interviewed Shahjahan Siraj of Unnayan TV (development TV), an online video channel of Bangladesh. He is regularly publishing video contents on development, human rights and educational issues of Bangladesh.