Proposals Ecuador

Ecuador: Open Journalism with Open Licenses and Technologies

  February 24, 2013

Many initiatives of community and citizen journalism aim to strengthen people, their rights and liberties, but that is impossible with private technologies and under a “copyright” perspective. That’s why we want to train communicators, journalists and teachers in the use of free technologies and open licenses. The training will begin with a virtual part, followed by an in-person part to produce stories of citizen participation.

Ecuador: I Wrote a Song That Will Change Your Mind

  February 22, 2013

The project consists of working with teenagers and youngsters from my town, who are from low income areas, and a population at risk of poverty. They are migrant children and we will work with them to compose songs where they can express what they want, and how they feel, and turn them into a podcast and upload them to the web, as a voice with a message.